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Broadway: The Golden Age, By The Legends Who Were There“Do not miss this absolute stunner of a film. There is magic in it!” Peter Travers – Rolling Stone Magazine

“Broadway” is the most important, ambitious and comprehensive film ever made about America’s most celebrated indigenous art form. It is award-winning filmmaker Rick McKay’s journey over 4 continents and 5 years to find out whether there had been a golden age of theatre and why it had never been documented. He soon learned that great films can be restored, fine literature can be kept in print – but historic Broadway performances of the past are the most endangered. They leave only memories that, while more vivid, are more difficult to preserve. In their own words – and not a moment too soon – “Broadway” tells the stories of our theatrical legends, how they came to New York, and how they created this legendary century in American theatre.

This may be the last chance that these stories may be documented, for unlike film and television, live theatre exists only in the memories of those who were there watching, or more importantly, creating this magic. “Broadway” tells the stories of these legendary stars while illustrating their tales with amazing, rare, archival performance footage and their own home movies and photos. “Broadway” has been lauded by critics who realize that it is critical to preserve this magical history before it is too late, making it possible for future generations to understand the power and importance of live theatre and to inspire them to help keep it alive. AintItCoolNews.com found that the film is “a remarkable achievement (and) the closest that any of us will ever get to being part of the golden age of Broadway. See it!” IndieWire.com decided it was “One of the best documentaries of the year!” Jeffrey Lyons of NBC says it is “an essential record of Broadway history that every theatre-goer MUST see – and LONG overdue!” The Dallas Morning News says simply, “Miracles happen over and over again in Rick McKay’s ‘Broadway: The Golden Age.’”

“Broadway” has won standing ovations and thirteen Best Film, Documentary and Audience Awards at sold-out screenings at festivals all over the country this past year. “Broadway: The Golden Age” has its highly anticipated opening at the Angelica Theater in NYC on June 11th, 2004 and at the Laemmle Sunset Five in Los Angeles, CA on July 2nd, 2004. Both cities will be adding more theatres and the film will gradually play all over the country this summer. Plans are in the works for an extensive DVD with m