1) Go to our page on The Field (a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) serving the NYC arts community since 1985) where you can quickly and easily donate by credit card as a one-time or monthly fully tax-deductible gift. The Field will send you a letter of thanks that you may use for tax purposes.

2) Mail a check to Second Act Productions, 495 West End Avenue, Suite 3K, New York City, New York, 10024

If your check is $250 or less please make your check payable to Second Act Productions and write “BROADWAY” in the memo line. With donations up to $250 your cancelled check is sufficient by law for tax purposes.

If your check is over $250, please make check payable to “THE FIELD” and put “BROADWAY” in the memo line. You will receive a tax-deduction letter from them for tax purposes.

*If your donation is $1,000 or over, please check below and see how you or your favorite film/theatre fan can forever be a part of this history!HOW YOU CAN BE PART OF HISTORY WHILE HELPING TO PRESERVE BROADWAY!

3) THE FIELD also supports Employee Matching Grants. Ask your employer for a Matching Gift Form.

With the advent of today’s technology, these films will never go out of print. When you donate to “Broadway: Beyond The Golden Age” at the level of $1,000 or more, your name (or pair of names for the same price!) will be in the credits of all three versions of the film – the theatrical version, opening in theaters in late 2013, the DVD/Blu-Ray version shortly after, and the national and international television versions. These films will be watched, studied and enjoyed for generations to come – long after we are all gone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be forever remembered as part of the team who made this legendary film possible – either with your name, a couple’s name, friend or family member’s name, or in memory of that special someone who loved film or theatre:

  • $1,000 receives a name (or pair of names) in THANKS in the end credits of the film
  • $5,000 receives name in SPECIAL THANKS in the end credits of the film
  • $10,000 receives name in VERY SPECIAL THANKS in the end credits of the film
  • $25,000 receives credit as ASSOCIATE PRODUCER
  • $50,000 receives credit as CO-PRODUCER
  • $100,000 receives credit as PRODUCER
  • $150,000 and above receives EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit and NAME ABOVE TITLE PRODUCER PRESENTATION CREDIT (please call 212-721-7431 with any questions)