Broadway – Production

Rick Broadway ives in New York City and is the award-winning Producer/Director/Writer/Cinematographer of the hit film “Broadway: The Golden Age.” For five seasons he was a segment producer on WNET13’s City Arts, the most honored, locally produced show in television history, which won over 30 Emmy awards. Rick also produced the first story commissioned for the critically successful national series Egg: The Arts Show, garnering another two Emmy nominations as well as helping to create the opening segment of two recent national Tony Awards broadcasts. Rick won three of the industry’s prestigious Telly awards for his television work, has produced episodes for the immensely successful series “Biography” on the Arts and Entertainment network, and has produced for HBO and United Artists.

Rick is also the sole owner and proprietor of Second Act Productions, the production company that produced the feature film “Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There” as well as “Birds of a Feather,” a documentary of his adventures searching for drag queens for the legendary director Mike Nichols to help him make his hit film “Birdcage.” “Broadway: The Golden Age” has won over 15 film festival awards to date, is on 17 critics’ year-end lists of their Top Ten Films of 2004 and was a hit in theatres around the country. The DVD is best seller as an Sony/BMG release and the film premieres on US television in March 2006 on national PBS. Two sequels to the film are already in production with Robert Redford, Liza Minnelli, Glenn Close, Alan Cumming, Liev Schreiber and 100 other stars. McKay’s documentary, “Fay Wray: A Life” is due out in late 2006 with Ms.Wray, McKay, Naomi Watts, Peter Jackson and others as part of the cast.

Rick was honored at the Sundance Film Festival by PBS and inducted into the PBS Producers Academy, as one of their “best and brightest documentary producer/directors” for his continuing independent film and television work. Rick also produced, directed and shot “Elaine Stritch: At Liberty” for Egg: The Arts Show. Much of this footage was also used to make the Pennebaker/HBO documentary of the same name, which won Elaine Stritch the 2004 Emmy award, for which Rick is credited as producer and cinematographer. Rick is also an award-winning print journalist with numerous magazine and newspaper articles to his credit. His story “Birds of a Feather” won him San Francisco’s Cable Car Award for “Outstanding Journalist” for feature reporting. His wealth of experience in film, television, live entertainment, and journalism has made Rick McKay one of the most prolific and well-rounded indie producer/director/writers working in the industry today.